5 Minute With A Trader – Craig Evans

As most of you are aware, my choice of social media is Twitter. I often find myself going through it to see who is doing what in the realms of trading - constantly engaging and

As most of you are aware, my choice of social media is Twitter. I often find myself going through it to see who is doing what in the realms of trading – constantly engaging and private tweeting to find out who’s got potential and who is out there trying to screw everyone over. I noticed Craig’s feed a while ago and I found his skills to come on really well. I noticed he was honest in his posts and that I liked as there are many that never admit when they are wrong. Craig is a genuine character who knows what he is doing.

Please give a short introduction to yourself?
My name is Craig. Married with 2 children. I work full time as an Engineer.

How long have you been trading and how did it come about?
I started trading in 2016 – I dabbled with the bookies for a while but was sick of them winning most of the time. I stumbled across some YouTube videos on trading so in 2016 I started off strong and lost my bank. I started back trading the beginning of 2017.

What are your preferred sports to trade on and why?
My main sport is football. I like to read the in-play stats to see the shots on target , corners etc.. they normally amount to a goal. I’ve started looking at Tennis and cricket also. The amount of liquidity in cricket is silly.
How did you find trading when you first started?
I found it hard. Not having set rules, no discipline and with a small bank was hard!
Many traders talk about various traits they had to work on before they became profitable. What characteristics, if any did you find hard to overcome?
The one big thing everyone faces daily is losses. No one likes to be wrong and to lose, so you come up against that regularly. I still find it hard when I have a loss.  I guess I’ve accepted it more now and move on to the next trade.
When getting into trading, it can be somewhat overwhelming at first. Was there a pivotal point in your journey when it all started to click? Or would you say that ‘Eureka’ moment has instead been a lot more gradual for you over time?
For me it was when I got asked to join a small trading group on Twitter. Just being able to talk to other traders about everyday trades – it helped me ten-fold.
Would you say anyone can develop the mindset to become a trader?
Yes i do. Will take a while to be able to deal with losses and to stop chasing losing trades, but yes!
Every trader has different ways of ensuring that their risk management is 100%, whether it be yoga, staying hydrated to even a beer to help them relax. Do you have any rituals in order to ensure you maximise your productivity and keep you away from taking ridiculous risks?
I’ve got to be honest but i probably take 1 risk a week more than I should. We are only human. I have no ‘rituals’. If I get some peace and quiet long enough to think about my trades I’m happy. The kids are on volume-100 constantly.
How would you say trading has affected your life?
Takes up a lot more of my time. The weekends I try not to go out as much as they are the best trading days for me. The the extra income is nice, so rough with the smooth.
What advice would you give to people thinking of taking up trading?
You need to trade something that you enjoy. I think it makes it easier to understand the markets.

What 3 articles, books or sites would you recommend to read for any newbie trader?

  • Mastering Betfair by Pete Nordsted
  • Mark Iversons Blog – it shows you when starting off you don’t need to be making £100’s a day
  • I’ll mention Caan Berry‘s site at horse racing there is no one else better at showing you the ropes.
Any final words of wisdom to add before we finish?
People starting out are looking for someone else to make them good at trading. No one else can. Trust yourself. Never pay for tips or stats. Most of them can all be found online.


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