My Journal On Becoming A Sports Trader

Hi, I’m Leeroy. Welcome to my section on the blog where I document and write about my trading journey. I am by no means an expert. However sports trading is something that really excites me and is something I could see myself doing in the longer term.

The part of the site is split into two parts. General blog posts and my £25-£25k challenge. 

Thanks for following and hope my ramblings help.


The Challenge

The chalenge is simple... turn a meager £25 into a whopping £25,000. Simple, right?

Read the full description of the challenge here.

Trading Posts

Here are my general ramblings based around trading.

Rewards Just Ahead

It’s been a while since I’ve logged anything in this journey. It seems that everything that could have has got in the way of my trading. Working away, starting up 2 new businesses (see all…

3rd August 2017

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A Few Thoughts Post-Screwup

So I’ve had a few days to settle and come to terms with the fact that I was momentarily an idiot. I’m not beating myself up or being hard on myself and know full-well that all traders have…

27th April 2017

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Your Initial Trading Journey

If you are just starting along your trading journey or have been dabbling down the path for some time, you will know first-hand the appeal it has. I’m sure you (like most) dream of doing this fu…

10th April 2017

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Belief Is Everything In Trading

I’ve always been fascinated by numbers and this has shown during my youth. It was always maths and science that were my strongest subjects. In fact these were the only subjects that I shown inte…

4th April 2017

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The Side Effect Of Profit… Greed

It’s been a funny few weeks trading. I’ve seen some of the best results to date that I thought I wouldn’t have seen for a long while. With that happening, I slowly found myself takin…

14th January 2017

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My First £100 day

Well to say I’m super delighted with today’s result is an understatement. I was truly in the zone when trading the horse markets. This could have been more only my daughter wasn’t sl…

7th January 2017

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