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Hi, I’m Leeroy. I have been fluttering with trading for the past 6 or so weeks with varying results. In those weeks I have come to the conclusion that I can be quite irrational and hot-headed when a situation doesn’t run in my favor. As a result of this, it has meant that all the profits from my winning trades have been blown due to one or two unhealthy approaches of gambling.


Now I know from reading many other books and posts from established traders that everyone has gone through this, but I simply cannot let this go on any further. I need a new approach. So its time to tackle this a little differently.

I have read countless times that if you can make profit with only a small bank, then you can certainly make profit with a larger one. So in order to allow my mind to act rationally in a consistent development, I thought I would put someone else other than myself to benefit from this should I succedd. I am going to run constant challenges in which various charities and causes shall benefit from my ‘hopefully’ consistent profit, while still allowing me to build my bank during my time training to become a trader. If I have a purpose other than to make money for myself, then this should allow me to act within an acceptable development.

Rules for 7 Day Trader Challenge

  • Start with £5 bank
  • Trade for 7 days, building up the bank during that time.
    • If complete 7 days without busting the bank:
      • Use 25% for charitable cause
      • Use 25% for my past debts
      • Compound 50% for next 7 day challenge
    • If bust out before 7 days, start again from scratch

Benefits of doing it this way

  • Learn to trade
  • Donate to good causes
  • Gets me out of debt
  • Allows me to focus properly when trading

I will be covering all different types of sports in order to build up an extensive knowledge of the markets over a 3-year period. Just like an apprenticeship or degree, this isn’t going to happen overnight. This is a new skill that I am taking on to develop and there is a lot to learn.

So there it is. My trading challenge. Hopefully this will improve not hinder my weaknesses. Growing my skills and building mental restraint is something that really excites me. Being able to do this while allowing people in need to benefit from my results is not only something that will drive my progress, but something that will allow me to smile on a daily basis.

Thanks for following.



Ps I shall be using the following hashtags throughout social media if you wish to join in:


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