Week 1 (200 Days Of Trading Sports)

So after being away from trading sports for quite some time

So after being away from trading sports for quite some time… it’s great to be back. The break from trading has proven to be a good move as my head is in a completely different place.


My new role with F1 (new in terms of this trading journal) means that I am out of the country a fair bit (20 countries in a 9 month period) and with my other work commitments (Web Of Clouds & eSports Dreams), I felt it best to take a break from trading.


The racing season is coming to an end which means I will be back home for around 3 months so I thought I would see how my skills are in the markets.


I needed to document it so that I can jot down my thoughts as I (hopefully) progress and build up a bank from scratch and hence the journal is starting from day 1 again. For the purpose of posts, I haven’t got the time to document (on the site) every trading day so I’ll be splitting it into ‘week’ chunks.


Week 1 has been completely different from how I traded previously (click here for the last trading diary entry). Money management was constantly at the forefront of my thoughts and growth has proven. It’s not that it wasn’t previously. However, it’s as though I am looking at the time and process and treating it like a job rather than a hobby and I think it’s this mindset that has changed things completely.


That’s not to say there were hiccups. There were a few and it’s clear that I still have a long way to go. However overall (I would say 95%), I remained vigilant with staking, market entries and most importantly, cutting losing trades short.


The important thing here (and what I’ve always done in the past) is to start getting too confident and overstaking in markets I am not either confident or familiar with.


For the first week of trading sports, I am more than happy with the result. I’m not bothered about the money here (despite it being a weeks wage equivalent of £32k per year). What’s been a game-changer is how my mind has been and the discipline that has been prominent throughout.


Can I keep it up? Only time will tell however I’m feeling confident in my ability to stay disciplined.


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